Backup software - easy to use, a must have for everyday PC user! Protect your data!

Pyxis Backup Software is a simple app to backup your files and folders on any external or internal drive!

creating individual tasks for personal folders | backup of open files (eg Outlook mail, databases) | backup to a simple folder or to .zip file | strong AES-256 backup encryption | reminder planner | automatic tasks execution | backup to NAS (network-attached storage)

  • Main window - Pyxis
  • Pyxis task manager
  • Pyxis task planner
  • Pyxis choose flash drive

How does this work?

Plug-in any USB drive or SD card

Plug-in any USB drive or SD card

Pyxis does backups on any USB connected drive or SD card, hard disc or store files in any location on your computer, network or NAS.

Choose what you want to backup

Choose what you want to backup

Show Pyxis wich files or folders you need to store. Just click through the wizard.

Let the Pyxis do your backup

Let the Pyxis do your backup

Click GO, and this is it - your files are safe now! It's really simple. Find out more!

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Pyxis can do much more!

It will remind you to backup files on specific usb drive, it can also encrypt your backup, so no one can read it, exept you!


It's simple even for newbies! Making backups is easy with Pyxis

You don’t have to worry, that you would something wrong. Task wizard get you through it. It’ll show you step by step how to set up your task and how to launch your backup.


Pyxis uses advanced encryption as an additional option

Strong encryption is an option which you can use when doing a backup. Is highly recommended to use this option so your files can’t never get into the wrong hands!


If you still have problems with Pyxis there's a few ways we can help you

Try to find a solution on our FAQ site. It’s full of useful information about making backup with Pyxis. You’ll also find simple troubleshooting, so you’ll never feel lost.


Free backup software for a month

Get familiar with Pyxis Backup Software during trial period and stay with us after a month!


Learn more about creating backups

We'll keep you posted about our latest software developments. On the blog you'll also find information about why and how to do backups.