Drive failure, system errors, viruses. There’s a lot of situations when you can lose your images, work, e-mails or anything else stored on your computer. And we don’t think about how important our stuff is until we lose it. Data recovery is difficult, not always effective and sometimes (most of the time, really) impossible. Well, you can always give your broken drive to professionals, but it’s very expensive.
On the other hand, hard drive stuffed with apps and data can work really slow. There’s nothing more annoying than a sluggish computer, right? You’ve been there for sure.

Backup is the problem solver here. What is it? Making backup is just copying data from your computer to a different place to make it safer. This can be an external drive (Pendrive or Disc), FTP, Cloud, another computer etc. The key is to have your data doubled, so when one location lets you down, there’s still a copy of your stuff.

Backup make your data safe!

There is a saying, that people are divided into those who do backups, and those who will do them.
Well, losing data is nowhere near nice experience, so better be prepared and start to do backups today. Tomorrow could be too late.

How to make a backup?

You can make your backup manually, but to be honest, it’s not really handy. With Pyxis – Easy Backup Software you don’t have to worry about copying files. The app will remind you to do a backup or simply will do it automatically. Seriously, there’s no easier way to make backup than Pyxis does. If you’re not comfortable with computers in general, Pyxis gets you through the process quickly while for more demanding users, there are advanced options, like zipping and coding files. Coding backup is highly recommended in case of losing drive with copied files. Pyxis can code your backup files, and restore them anytime you want. It’s not complicated – just few mouse clicks and safe backup is done!

Pyxis is a simple app to create backups on any external or internal drive. It’s fast and easy to use even for those with weak computer experience.
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