Backup Encryption


Data encryption

To ensure the highest data security, Pyxis uses data encryption. When defining a task, you can choose one of two ways to save data using encryption: ZIP archive with password and ZIP archive with strong encryption. If a “Simple copy” was selected as the data save method, Pyxis does not use encryption, all data is saved without this protection!

Why use an encryption

It may happen that you lose the flash drive with the backup data. Files stored on a network drive and even on your computer can get into the wrong hands! By encrypting the data, no one will be able to read your data except you. Encryption is highly recommended! Pyxis can encrypt your backup files, and restore them anytime you want. It’s not complicated – just few mouse clicks and safe backup is done!

ZIP archive with password

This is an encryption technique provides a simple protection against casual users who do not have the password and are trying to determine the contents of the files. However, this type of encryption  is susceptible to password cracking software.

ZIP archive with strong encryption

Pyxis uses an advanced AES-256 encryption method, which is approved in the United States to encrypt state-level documents with the highest classification level! AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard, was commissioned by the American Federal Agency NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). In 2000, NIST accepted it as a standard used in government administration. The cypher is available in three basic versions – AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256 (the numbers represent the key length).

  • Remember that after losing the password, it will not be possible to recover the encrypted data!
  • For better protection, use at least eight characters.
  • Do not use words from any languages as passwords, it is better to use a random combination of letters and numbers. The passwords are case-sensitive.

Both encryption methods are compatible with WinZIP software, which means that knowing the password, you can read and unpack archives created by Pyxis with third-party software. A ZIP archive with a password is possible to open and unpack using Windows Explorer (it is necessary to enter the password).

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