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Our data is constantly exposed to all sorts of threats. It could be anything. A computer failure or some kind of virus, you name it! Our beloved photos, videos or any kind of documents – the effects of our work may be irretrievably lost. But! Don’t be frightened, it doesn’t have to be like that. The solution is simple – do the backups! It is the best way to prevent data loss.

Pyxis Backup Software is a simple app to create backups on any external or internal drive!

It’s fast and easy to use even for those with weak computer experience. Anyone can manage this backup application and it is for everyone.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel like a computer expert. Pyxis is for everyday users, even with no experience at all. It’s designed for those, who don’t like complicated software with hundreds of options. Even encrypting the copied data is easy to use! There is no simpler and more secure tool to protect your data.

Just plug the USB drive and push one button! PYXIS will remind you that you need to connect the USB drive to perform a backup!

How does it work? The basics of our backup software are tasks. Each created task is set to do a backup of a chosen folder with all data inside to a specified location – flash drive, sd card or computer hard drive. In just a few mouse clicks you can create a task with or without encryption, choose to compress files, plan your backup reminder and even automatic actions. It’s easy, fast and user-friendly!

Why is it one of the best backup software on the market?

  • It’s simple. With just a few clicks you’ll create a backup of your files. We will guide you through the process!
  • If you wish, you can use an advanced, strong encryption. Even if you accidentally lose your backup, no one can read it and use it!
  • Pyxis Backup Software will remind you to make your copy or even do it for you if you wish!
  • Great support. If you still have problems with Pyxis, our FAQ will help you! You can also always drop us an e-mail

Backup options

Main features

  • Creating individual tasks for personal folders
  • Backup of open files (eg Outlook mail, databases)
  • Backup to simple folder
  • Backup to .zip file with or without password
  • Backup to NAS (network-attached storage)
  • Strong AES-256 backup encryption
  • Backup reminder planner
  • Automatic tasks scheduling
  • Using own names for external drives


How does it work

  • Plug-in any USB drive or SD card and you’re good to go!
  • Choose what you want to backup!
  • Let Pyxis do your backup
  • Only a few steps to create a task
  • Simple and clear user interface
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