How to backup Outlook e-mails

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How to backup Outlook e-mails.

As time goes by and you use MS Outlook for years, your list of e-mails become huge. Do you need them all? Probably not, but to get through all of your e-mails and delete those unwanted equals the worst nightmare. Instead, we all just do nothing with it and a pile of messages is growing. It takes PC storage space, it slows down a computer and the most important thing: if something bad happens to your machine, you lose all of the e-mails forever. You definitely do not want it, right?

We have the simplest solution to a pointed problem: backup e-mails!

How to do backup Outlook e-mails? Well, you can try to find an option in Outlook settings and we wish you the best of luck. But it’s not convenient at all (if possible). Did you know, that with Pyxis Backup Software you can set this up ones and do not worry about emails backup again? Seriously. To create a task you need just few mouse clicks and two (maybe one) minutes.

Let us show you how to backup Outlook e-mails.

  1. First, click on the New Task button:
    Email backup new task
  2. Name your task. It’s absolutely up to you how you do it. In this case, “Outlook” seems to be a perfect choice.Email backup task name
  3. Choose a folder where Windows stores an Outlook files. Probably you have it in your “Documents” but it can be in other locations too. If it’s not in “Documents” try these instead:
    1. C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook
    2. C:\Documents and Settings\ \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

    It is very important to check the box under the “browse” window.
    It allows Pyxis Backup Software to make backups of open folders. And Outlook is nearly always open for most users!

    Email backup browse folder

  4. Time to make some decisions. Where you want your Outlook emails backup to go? If it goes to an external drive like a flash drive or external disk of any kind, you should browse through the first option. But, if you want to make set up backup to a location on a PC hard drive or a network drive (NAS) you have to click the second option and browse for a right folder.
    Pay attention to a “NAS” option. It is most convenient.Email backup storage
  5. Another decision on how to backup Outlook emails: zip or not to zip? Protect more or less? Well, it’s up to you. You can make a simple copy, but if you need more space on the drive, where you do emails backup you should go for a backup to .zip option. And again. If you need more protection (you do!) you choose ZIP archive with strong encryption. And believe us. Pyxis Backup Software uses really strong backup encryption.Email backup method
  6. Almost done. Last step – planner. Just two options for you:
    1. When – monthly or weekly?
    2. How – automatic (it’ll start by itself) or just remind (it’ll ask to remind you to plug in something and to click GO)

    E-mail backup task planner

Well, easy? It is. We believe it’s one of the simplest backup software there is, especially to backup open files like Outlook.

Now go to our download page and try it yourself for free! You won’t regret that!

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