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Anything what's on your computer! We recommend to store your images, home documents and other various important fils. It's important to make copys od your stuff!
Pyxis Backup Software goes under Windows 7-10.
Pyxis works only with Windows Operating System.
Pyxis work with two languages: English and Polish. You can change language in program settings.
Pyxis allows you to make a backup on any SD or flash drive and any location on your computer. It cannot make backups directly to CDR or DVD.
It takes a while to make a backup of large files or folders. Encryption and zipping take some time too. Small portions of data are stored quickly. If you run a backup to a flash drive, the speed of the drive itself means, for example, USB 2.0 is slower than 3.0.
In theory, there's no limit, but you have to remember that large files take more time to backup.
It's up to you. As you set up the task, you can choose to backup files to a simple folder or you can compress them to ZIP.
No, it doesn't. You can use your version of Pyxis with no expiry date.
A license includes free minor upgrades up to Pyxis 2.0
During task edition, you can choose an option with strong AES-256 encryption. This is one of the best protection in case of losing a drive with the backup.
Both! With Pyxis Backup Software you can create both incremental and differential backups. An incremental backup is possible with the "Simple file copy" option. In addition to adding new files to your backup, the program will also overwrite the files in which the changes occurred and replace them with the current ones. If you want to keep a copy of whole folders with the option of overwriting files, ZIP archive (with or without encryption) is used and the "Do not delete previously made ZIP archives" checkbox is selected. Both options are available when adding a new task, as well as in the later editing of the task at the "Save method" stage.
Yes, it does. All you need to do is to check a box "Use service of copying open files" in "Source folder" section when creating or editing a Task. This option become handy when you need to plan a backup for an Outlook for example. You don't need to close your e-mail service to make backup of all!
ZIP is an archive file format. It may contain one or more files or directories that may have been compressed, so the ZIP file is smaller than original files.