Backup Software – Pyxis is out!

We are happy to announce that Pyxis Backup Software is out now! Feel free to get your free trial on our Download Page.

A free version of Pyxis Backup Software is fully functional with no restriction. We decided to give you a full program for a start because we feel it is the most honest way to show you a strength of Pyxis. It works for a month, then we kindly ask you to stay with us and consider to buy an app in our Store. Most importantly, if you don’t like it, we won’t annoy you with hundreds of e-mails. Therefore you’re safe with us!

As you probably noticed it’s not really expensive. We are pretty certain that this is one of the cheapest backup software on the market. Definitely, it’s very simple to use for everyone. Really, try it, you’ll not regret it!

What comes with this version in details? Well, everything that Pyxis do:

  • backup to a simple folder, .zip file with or without a really strong encryption
    (we use a very strong AES Encryption)
  • copies on an external drive, like flash drives or sd cards or on your computer and local network,
  • backup of open files – yes we can do it, for example, an open Outlook files,
  • fully functional planner, automatic or remainder,
  • you can change names od your drives in Pyxis, so you’ll always know which is it,
  • we provide even full customer support if needed.

Have a quick look at screenshots of Pyxis Backup Software:

Backup Software - main windowBackup Software - methodBackup Software - main windowBackup Software - flash drive

So, just go to the site listed before and start your free trial now! We’re sure you will not regret it.
You’ll find more information about a program on a General Information site. Please consider to check out a pricing in our Store. If you have any other questions, try to dig in our FAQ Page. Siriusly, there are a lot of answers.

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